Facing East Entertainment

Industry Partner

Facing East, a production and financing company based in Hong Kong, Beijing and Zurich, was formed in 2016 by Markus Barmettler and Philip Lee, executive producers of the Academy Award® winning THE REVENANT. The veteran duo, who boast over 20 productions between them, including CLOUD ATLAS, HERO, CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON and PURPLE MOUNTAIN, were instrumental in developing the multi picture agreement between Guangdong Alpha Animation and Culture Company and New Regency. Facing East has since increased its capital base and financing capabilities, with support from HSBC and several Mainland Chinese banks.  Facing East’s plan is to produce three or four large scale productions every two years, in addition to continuing its relationship with New Regency and making ad hoc investments in smaller projects. Beside the $100 million epic sci-fi INVERSION, directed by Katja von Garnier, starring Jack Huston, Samuel L. Jackson and Liu Yifei, the slate includes environmental three part sci-fi SHIPBREAKER, DROWNED CITIES and TOOL OF WAR based on books by Paolo Bacigalupi, written and to be directed by Paul Haggis.
Facing East most recently invested in DER HAUPTMAN (THE CAPTAIN), a German language film directed by Robert Schwentke (FLIGHTPLAN, INSURGENT, THE TIME TRAVELER’S WIFE), which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 9th.