Conference Day

Saturday, September 30
09.00 – 18.00
The Dolder Grand

At the Conference Day our speakers present their keynotes and panels take place covering topics with a focus on film, technology and business. The presentations and discussions are accompanied by a welcoming breakfast, networking luncheon and several coffee breaks to connect with the other participants.

Side Events

Sunday, October 1
11.00 – open end
Tennis Club at The Dolder Grand & Restaurant Terrasse

Our Side Events guarantee a vibrant experience and an ideal opportunity for networking. Mingle with filmmakers and investors, win prizes for a good cause at the Charity Tennis Tournament and enjoy the exciting atmosphere at the Zurich Summit Dinner & After Party.

Conference Day

Saturday, September 30
09.00 – 18.00
The Dolder Grand

9:00–9:30 Registration

9:30–9:40 Introduction and Welcoming Remarks

Summit Co-Chairs: Karl Spoerri, Artistic Director and Co-Founder, Zurich Film Festival
Katherine Winston & Amy Baker, Co-Founders and Managing Partners, Winston Baker
Facilitator: Phil Hunt, Co-Managing Director, Bankside Film/Managing Director, Head Gear Films

09:40 – 10:00

Reinventing the Traditional Media Business

Presented by Thomas Ebeling (CEO ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE)


Join ProSiebenSat.1 Media’s CEO, Thomas Ebeling as he guides you through the future of the European media market. As the head of Germany’s #1 television group, Ebeling has created an entertainment powerhouse by developing a unique business platform that covers the whole video ecosystem. From consolidating local markets and expanding international production to focusing more on content creation and digitalization, uncover the best ways to utilize new opportunities and keep up with market expectations.

10:00 – 10:20

Keynote Conversation with Alicia Vikander and Lisa Langseth


Alicia Vikander (Academy-Award Winning Actress & Producer EUPHORIA)
Lisa Langseth (Director EUPHORIA)

Moderated by Wendy Mitchell (Film Programme Manager British Council)

Academy Award Winning Actress, Alicia Vikander, will give insight into her experiences and lessons learned within the film industry as she explores future plans for her production company, Vikarious Productions. Joined by producing partner, Lisa Langseth, the two will discuss their latest film, Euphoria, and offer a sneak peek at what projects lay ahead.

10:20 – 10:50

is film dead?


Patrick Wachsberger (Chairman, Lionsgate Motion Picture Group) and
Michael Barker (Co-President & Co-Founder, Sony Pictures Classic)
Moderated by Roeg Sutherland (Head Film Finance & Sales Group, Creative Artists Agency)


The backdrop for the Global Box Office is ever-evolving. Around the world, the impact of digital integration on the film industry has presented a new era of content consumption. During this session, gain insight into how industry veterans are adapting new strategies and evolving with emerging platforms. Hear from Sony’s Michael Barker, Lionsgate’s Patrick Wachsberger and CAA’s Roeg Sutherland, whose companies continuously generate billions in box office revenues. What is the secret to their maintained success and what lies ahead for the future of the industry?

10:50 – 11:10

Networking Break hosted by 

11:10 –11:30

Spotlight on Branded Entertainment: Monetizing on Innovation

Presented by Ruben Igielko-Herrlich (CEO & Co-Founder Propaganda GEM)

Discover how to use branded entertainment to connect with the audience in a unique and engaging way and successfully convert online, digital and social media traffic into new forms of revenue. Learn from marketing guru Ruben Igielko-Herrlich not only on his successful Nokia integrations in both The Matrix and Transformers, but also his impressive BMW promotional tie-ins with the Mission: Impossible series.

11:30 – 12:10

From Producers to Producers: Digital Distribution and New Finance Opportunities for the European Market



Ed Guiney (Producer THE LOBSTER)
Jean Marc Fröhle (Producer Point Prod’ S.A)
Urs Fitze (Head Fiction SRF Swiss National Television)
Kirsten Niehuus (Managing Director Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg)

Moderated by Anke Beining (Managing Director & Founder Utofilm)


The market for high-end internationally-produced TV series and feature films is more exciting than ever before. New digital means of distribution have opened up alternative finance opportunities for producers. Yet international co-production will continue to be one of the best ways of maintaining high production values while remaining economically viable. A panel discussion in cooperation with Focal and Media Desk Suisse.

12:10 – 13:10

Networking Luncheon

13:10 – 13:40

A Keynote Conversation with Borg/McEnroe Director, Janus Metz and Writer, Ronnie Sandahl


Moderated by Robert Darwell (Senior Partner, Sheppard Mullin)

13:40 –14:00

Virtual Actors and the Power of the Human Eye

Presented by Pascal Bérard (PhD researcher ETH / Disney Research Zurich)


Hear from Disney’s Pascal Berard who is an expert at designing new systems, which create high-fidelity models of human eyes. From movies like Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and Doctor Strange, discover how Berard was able to bring our favorite characters to life using new methods to capture, model, and animate virtual humans.

14:00 –14:10

The Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality Landscape

Presented by Tanya Laird (Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Digital Jam)


As an introduction to immersive storytelling, emerging technology expert Tanya Laird will give an overview of the current virtual, augmented and mixed reality landscape. From games, film, and TV, to comics, music, and immersive theater explore how new reality is affecting the way we mold, shape and share new experiences with those around us. Discover the latest developments in the European market and prepare to test the limits of this new digital world.

14:10 – 14:45

The Future of Immersive Storytelling


Patrick O’Luanaigh, Chief Executive Officer & Founder nDreams Ltd.
Muki Kulhan, Executive Digital Producer Muki-International Ltd.
Resh Sidhu, Creative Director Framestore
Toby Coffey, Head of Digital Development National Theatre

Moderated by Tanya Laird, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Digital Jam


As human beings, our brains are wired for stories. It is how we gain understanding and experience the unfamiliar. But, no matter how much we may enjoy a good story, nothing compares to the power of actually being there. Thanks to advances in virtual, augmented and mixed reality, the blurring of the real and the digital offers no limit on the kinds of stories that can be told. During this session, hear from leading VR specialists about the latest forms of digital engagement and interaction and open your mind to the possibilities of the future.

14:45 –15:25

How producer's are reinventing themselves in the changing media landscape


Greg Shapiro (Producer and President of Production at IM Global)
John Lesher (Founder & President at Le Grisbi Productions)
Christine Vachon (Producer & Founder at Killer Films)

Moderated by Christos Michaels (Head of Film at Lee & Thompson)


As audience tastes and demands change, producers are constantly searching for new ways to adapt. Take a look at the evolution of entertainment through the eyes of renowned producers: John Lesher, Christine Vachon and Greg Shapiro. Over the years, these producers have brought us some of the most critically acclaimed films and together, their projects have garnered over 20 Oscars and more than 70 Academy Award nominations. Hear their stories, their hits and misses, and what keeps them going in this ever-changing movie business.

15:45 – 16:10

How will the New face of Distribution Save Independent Cinema?

16:10 –16:40

The Blockchain Phenomenon and its impact on Entertainment


Kim Jackson, Co-Founder, President of Entertainment, SingularDTV
Arie Levy-Cohen, Founder, CEO Blockhaus Tokenised Ecosystems, Co-Founder, President & CFO SingularDTV
Zach LeBeau, CEO SingularDTV, New York
Mathias Ruch, Managing Partner, Lakeside Partners AG


Ushered in by the invention of Bitcoin in 2009 and Ethereum in 2015, the cryptographic technologies ecosystem is growing rapidly. From more cryptocurrencies, blockchains, and distributed ledgers to decentralized transaction platforms, commercial property registries, digital identities, secure electronic voting systems, and the internet of things — a myriad of technologies is emerging here in Zurich and worldwide that enable new kinds of digital property, and the secure and efficient exchange of digital assets. Please join our panel with SingularDTV - as a leading example - with Zach LeBeau (SingularDTV), Arie Levy-Cohen (Blockhaus),Matthias Ruch (Lakeside Partners AG) and Kim Jackson (SingularDTV).

17:00 –18:00

Reception hosted by


Side Events

Sunday, October 1
11.00 – open end
Tennis Club at The Dolder Grand & Restaurant Terrasse

Charity Tennis Tournament

Tennis Club at The Dolder Grand, 11.00 – 16.00

Sunday moring starts with the legendary Charity Tennis Tournament. Not only a sportive duel, but also the perfect chance to get in touch while barbecuing in the natural surroundings on top of the Zurichberg.

Zurich Summit Dinner & After Party

Restaurant Terrasse, 19.30 – open end

Guests and stars of the Zurich Film Festival mingle with Zurich Summit participants and speakers at the exclusive Summit Dinner at restaurant Terrasse in the heart of the city. It is followed by the Zurich Summit After Party at the same location.

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