Ed Guiney


Ed Guiney heads Element Pictures with Andrew Lowe, working across production, distribution, and exhibition. Current productions include Yorgos Lanthimos’ THE KILLING OF A SACRED DEER, Sebastián Lelio’s DISOBEDIENCE, THE FAVOURITE also directed by Yorgos Lanthimos and Lenny Abrahamson’s THE LITTLE STRANGER. Recent productions include ROOM which was nominated for four Academy Awards®. Other recent productions include Yorgos Lanthimos’ THE LOBSTER, which won the Jury Prize in Cannes and was nominated for an Academy Award® Original Screenplay. Guiney’s other production credits include FRANK, WHAT RICHARD DID, GARAGE and ADAM & PAUL (all directed by Lenny Abrahamson), SHADOW DANCER (James Marsh), THE GUARD (John Michael McDonagh), OMAGH (Pete Travis) and THE MAGDALENE SISTERS (Peter Mullan).