Mathias Ruch


As an entrepreneur and angel investor, Mathias Ruch has been involved in the digital startup scene for 20 years. During the dot-com boom in the late 90’s, he founded a web design agency and developed community tools for corporates. Around this time, the idea for a TV show called «Joya rennt» was formed. It was licensed in multiple countries overseas. The show became the corner stone for the production company FaroTV which Mathias founded and led as CEO. When he exited FaroTV to Condor Films in 2006, he developed a smart capital investment model and started angel investing. Today, he is the founder and Managing Partner of Lakeside Partners, a Zug-based early-stage investment group with a focus on blockchain technology and its applications. As the driving force behind the Crypto Valley Labs, he is committed to developing the Swiss blockchain ecosystem. 

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