Christos Michaels

Christos is Head of Film at Lee & Thompson, the London-based law firm for the media, technology and creative industries.  The Film & TV Group comprises the largest team of lawyers in Europe working in the creative audio-visual sector, advising clients, internationally, at every stage of the creation of theatrical feature film and TV programmes. 

With significant in-house industry experience, including six years as Head of Business Affairs at Mel Gibson's Icon International Group, Christos stands out as one of the only private practice lawyers in the UK having worked with a leading US and UK vertically integrated independent film company.

Using his unique experience, Christos heads up the firm's representation of leading distributors and sales agents and also represents a range of new and established producers and financiers in the film and television industries.  He is particularly experienced in the structuring of finance and production for independent films and helping to implement exploitation models for sales agents and distributors of new and established media.