Sigrid Narjes

Born in Basel, Sigrid Narjes attended the European School in Brussels and received her A- Levels in Kiel. In 1984, after finishing her studies of psycho-linguistics, phonetic and American cultural history with a Master of Arts degree at Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich, she became a production assistant first at Starfilm later at M+P Film Production in Munich. In 1986 Munich’s Filmfest hired her for the newly founded „Film Exchange Program“ with the main focus on organizing high class events with members of the international film business.

In 1988 Sigrid Narjes founded INTERNATIONAL MEDIA CONSULTING, a company whose original goal was to develop international financing for film and television ventures. The main direction of the business soon shifted to agency activities. From the beginning the company represented not only actors, but also directors and writers. From 1990 to 1994 Sigrid Narjes’company was in partnership with the Los Angeles based talent agency International Creative Management (ICM).

As a result of its growing German and international client list, the company changed its legal status to GmbH and its name to ABOVE THE LINE with Sigrid Narjes as managing director and it became one of the top agencies in Germany that represents actors, directors, writers and directors of photography. In 2001 the agency expanded and opened another office in Berlin and represents today around 240 clients in their dealings with German and international studios or production companies.