Zach LeBeau

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Zach LeBeau is the co-founder and CEO of SingularDTV, whose mission is to build a decentralized entertainment industry that empowers creators, founded in 2014. In 2013, Zach moved to New York to become a part of the decentralization phenomenon. Zach wrote and directed his first feature film, THE SCIENTIST, starring Bill Sage. He then launched a women's luxury clothing line, building the brand from 4 stores to 110 throughout the United States and Canada. Zach was deeply influenced by an expedition to the Amazon rainforest that he took at 17, after which he spent the next 15 years living and traveling abroad to more than 50 countries on 5 continents. 

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Wendy Mitchell


London-based Wendy Mitchell is a Film Programme Manager at the British Council, where she runs the festival selector screening programme in London for the world’s top festivals such as Cannes, Berlin, Toronto and many more. She is also a contributing editor for Screen International, which she first joined in 2005 and later served as editor in chief for two years. She has also been a staff writer and editor at Entertainment Weekly, indieWIRE and Rolling Stone. She is also a contributor for SkyArts’ TV series Discovering Hollywood. 

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Jean Marc Fröhle


Founded in 1996, Point Prod specializes in audiovisual productions of all formats (features, documentaries, flux, magazines, TV, news). In 2005, the company created a development and production unit for features (television and cinema) led by Jean-Marc Fröhle. Point Prod has meanwhile become a major player in the field of feature development, production and co-production in Switzerland and Europe, in cooperation with Swiss and European broadcasters. Since 2011, Jean-Marc Fröhle developed and produced five successful original series. Last productions : « Anomalia" (2015) and "Banking district » ( 2017, « Winter Palace » is his next show in development. 

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