Nadira Azermai

Nadira is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ScriptBook, a high-tech company that provides artificial intelligent screenplay analysis and forecasts the commercial and critical success of film and television projects from script to screen. ScriptBook was conceived when Nadira wrote her Master’s thesis on using artificial intelligence to quantify story-parameters into a predictive model that would enable stakeholders in filmed entertainment to assess their projects objectively and avoid financial failure. Nadira has been on a mission to unify A. I. with entertainment ever since.

ScriptBook is an artificial intelligence company with a mission to assist producers, sales agents, distributors and financiers by providing automated screenplay analysis and box office forecasts. ScriptBook's intelligent solution guides stakeholders in filmed entertainment with automated, predictive decision support from script to screen.

Research studies show that 87% of films lose money while just 6.2% of films account for almost 80% of total profit. ScriptBook aims to revolutionize the business of storytelling through the art of artificial intelligence. In 2018, ScriptBook received a Seal of Excellence, a quality label delivered by the European Commission to enterprises that are classified as highly innovative.